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The Unique Academy Philosophy


Where to send my child?
We understand completely. There are so many sub standard programs out there. You want one that caters to the needs of your child. You need one that caters to your challenging schedule. You want quality education, compassionate care and flexible hours all in one place.
Lincoln Academy was established by Eastchester Church as an outreach, the church’s contribution to area families. It is not a specifically a Christian school but it is infused with values the church is proud of. Our success lies in our teachers for together with our executive director and volunteers from the church and the local community the school has become a shining example of excellent education, child development and quality care.
Where do you send you child? We invite you to come and see. Lincoln Academy would be happy to arrange a tour and make some time for you to speak with someone on staff. Act soon! Our families will tell you registrations flow in early for the following school year. Space is limited. Hope to hear from you soon.